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I hope you find the Design Collection as exciting as we do. I have used over 30 years of design experience to design a line of furniture with meticulous detail to contemporary and traditional styles. The pieces are named for the iconic New Orleans streets representing the influence of this historic city on the development of the designs and finishes. 
We offer custom sizing as well which allows you to maximize the look and function of your space.
Enjoy browsing and please call or email for immediate help with any questions or pricing. 


See some of the design collection pieces in various interiors as well as interiors designed by Kathy.


Browse all pieces in the line in with various combinations of tops and finishes. 


Please visit our showroom at 3908 Magazine St. in New Orleans - Call for an appt. or information anytime -(504) 400-9032


“Kathy Slater's tables are beautifully crafted with iron bases and stone, mirror,  or soft natural wood table tops. They evoke a classic New Orleans style that is graceful and timeless.”